Preacher trading cards coming via Topps Now program via episode packs on limited-time basis

artpre-16c2s-16tn-0001-primary_1Update: The packs are now live and on sale. 


Preacher debuted on Sunday night and the AMC series’ trading cards will apparently debut today from Topps as part of a pack program via the Topps Now platform.

The cards have not yet been revealed or put on sale today, but the structure for the program can be seen here. The company tweeted about the series on Sunday night, teasing a forthcoming announcement, which comes on the heels of its recent deal to acquire the trading card rights to another AMC staple, The Walking Dead, which also was based on a long-running comic.

CjJtKTdWgAALSutEach Monday, a five-card pack of cards recapping the episode will be available for only 24 hours via the Topps website for $19.99. (Quantity purchases get a lower price.) After that, the packs will no longer be available.

The TV series had been in the works for years after the long-running Vertigo series backed by DC Comics. The original run of the book ended back in 2000.

Update: “The Topps Now program is the first of its kind for a television show because it offers fans an immediate collectible,” said Jeff Heckman, Topps’ Director of New Product Development & eCommerce Marketplace. “Instead of having to wait months for a trading card, they can order it the next day. Preacher has gotten great reviews, and the Topps Now trading cards will make the perfect keepsake for any fan.”

Production runs:
Episode 1 — 362 copies
Episode 2 — 232 copies
Episode 3 — 184 copies
Episode 4 — 149 copies
Episode 5 — 162 copies
Episode 6 — 166 copies
Episode 7 — 170 copies
Episode 8 — 167 copies
Episode 9 — 151 copies
Episode 10 — 181 copies

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