Bull Durham autographs aren’t only highlights on 2016 Topps Archives baseball card checklist

Annie Savoy, Bobby, Crash Davis, Jimmy, Larry Hockett, Millie, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh, Tony and Bull Durham creator Ron Shelton.

Those are the Durham autographs set to arrive in 2016 Topps Archives when it arrives on June 1, which is one week from today.

For those not familiar with the characters of the memorable baseball film, that’s all of the main stars — Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins, Robert Wuhl, Jenny Robertson and a few others who helped bring the film to life.

16_Topps Archives-NukeThe autograph checklist is broken down substantially by the subset (year of design) and includes a mix of past and present. Among them, for example, are J.R. Richard, Rick Monday, Carlos Correa, Bryce Harper, Sandy Koufax, Tito Francona, Pat Hentgen, Mike Trout, Kenta Maeda, Ichiro Suzuki, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Ken Griffey Jr., Jeff Burroughs, Chipper Jones and Jose Canseco.

One of the sets, for example, includes No. 1 overall draft picks in the 1985 Topps subset design for those players. (No Tim Belcher or Shawn Abner this time, though.) Also in the mix is a 1985 Topps-inspired Father & Son autograph set with the Alous, Alomars, Boones, Franconas, Griffeys, Gordons and Perezes. A selection of Topps Originals autos also will be found here with big names in that lineup.

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