Gallery: 2016 Topps Pro Debut baseball cards

2016-Topps-Pro-Debut-baseball-auto-relic-gallery-blowout-buzz-57They may not be big-leaguers just yet, but the look and feel of the cards found in 2016 Topps Pro Debut, which made it debut today, are MLB-caliber while also including things you definitely won’t see in the traditional baseball releases.

And that’s a good thing for collectors.

The Fragments of the Farm Relics once again bring unusual pieces to cardboard. Need evidence? See the card above.

2016-Topps-Pro-Debut-baseball-auto-relic-gallery-blowout-buzz-18The design is the same as the MLB release, it’s just the logos and players that are different. Meanwhile, the print run here inevitably has to be lower than the standard MLB set and the autographs are more plentiful. (Each box will typically include two autographs and two Relics.)

Below you can see a sampling of nearly everything to be found in this one and what’s already found its way to eBay today.

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