Gallery: 2016 Leaf Sports Heroes trading cards + checklist

2016-leaf-sports-heroes-auto-gallery-56Leaf Trading Cards‘ latest sports card release arrived in hobby shops on Friday and it includes one of the widest arrays of possible finds — everything from competitive eaters to Super Bowl kings and even stars from sports movies.

Each box of 2016 Leaf Sports Heroes includes three certified autographs with some of the possible surprises inside also being a 27-autograph card of the 1972 Miami Dolphins and a parallel rainbow that includes five types and printing plates for all cards.

2016-leaf-sports-heroes-auto-gallery-50This is a limited-run product just by its nature as an autograph-only release and the results of collectors’ boxes have started popping up on eBay.

>>> Click here for the 2016 Leaf Sports Heroes checklist

Check out the small gallery of what’s been found so far below.

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