Buzz-worthy Gallery: 2016 Topps Archives Bull Durham baseball cards

NukeLaLooshIt’s been nearly 30 years since the arrival of Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh and on Wednesday he gets his first baseball card in a fully licensed MLB release.

The set, of course, is 2016 Topps Archives and the star brought to life by Tim Robbins is just one of the Bull Durham cards to be found inside packs. In all, there will be nine certified autographs to chase and seven unsigned cards along with any parallels.

MilliePerhaps it’s due to a licensing hang-up, but the two biggest stars actually don’t appear on base cards. Both Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon only appear on certified autographs. The rest of the Durham stars — and their creator Ron Shelton — have standard cards and the actors who played them have signed copies of their cards as well.

The rundown of the other signers includes Robert Wuhl (Larry), Jenny Robertson (Millie), William O’Leary (Jimmy), David Neidorf (Bobby) and Tom Silardi (Jimmy).

Unfortunately, two names probably remembered quite well from the 1988 film — Trey Wilson and Max Patkin — are not included in the set. Wilson, who played the manager who despised lollygagging, died at age 40 in January 1989, while Patkin, a real-life baseball clown known for his antics in the minor leagues, died back in 1999.

Odds for the Bull Durham autographs in 2016 Topps Archive wax boxes aren’t easy — they’ll be found one in every 498 hobby packs and will have two parallels. Those are Red (one in 2,001 packs) and Black (one in 105,510 packs). The standard cards will be found two per hobby box with those also having Red (one in 2,345), Black (one in 105,510) and printing plates (one in 28,136).

One interesting non-Durham inclusion, according to the wrapper odds, is a 1991 Desert Shield variation found one in every 328 packs.

Here’s the visual rundown of all basic cards to find along with the two big autos.

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