Decision 2016 political trading card odds & short-prints revealed

If you tore into boxes of Decision 2016 trading cards, you may have a reason or two to look back at those cards for some rarer variations that may carry more value than you thought.

Why? The makers of the landmark political product have revealed the short-prints in the product and relative scarcity of the parallels for many of the cards. In addition, per-box odds for retail and hobby have now been disclosed, giving collectors a better idea of what’s rarer in the product or what they should expect in a box or case of Decision 2016 trading cards via either hobby or retail.

Interestingly, for example, the most-plentiful cut auto in the product is that of Donald Trump, while cuts with a red-foil frame are much rarer parallels for any subject, whether short-printed or not. (That means this Trump buyer probably got a bit of a deal.)

Also interesting? The shredded currency cards, which are now confirmed to be found one per case, have two versions with one much rarer than the other. Meanwhile, many of the inserts have rarer parallels — with their relative scarcity now confirmed. One example? The Trump Under Fire cards with red foil like this one are the rarest finds.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the odds and new short-print info.


Hobby Elite Box Odds
Six cards per pack, 24 packs per box (six boxes per inner case, 12 per master)

110-card base set All-American foil parallel — two per box (1:12 packs)
High-numbers (Nos. 111-135) — two per box (1:12)
Hobby Trump foil — four per box (1:6)
Portraits (rainbow hobby) — four per box (1:6)
Candidate Letters — four per case (two per inner)
GBA USA Flag Patch — four per case (two per inner)
Political Gems — two per case (one per inner)
Super Flag Patch — two per case (one per inner)
Cut Autographs — one per case
Elite — one per case
Jumbo Box 4×5 Toppers — one per box
Pieces of America (Stamp/Coin) — 1.5 per case (Cases with Money card will have one, rest will have two).
Money card — one in every other case


Retail/Blaster Odds
(Six cards per pack, 12 packs per blaster)

High-numbers (Nos. 111-135) — one in 12 packs
Trump gold foil — one in 12 packs
Portraits (black & white) — one in 10 packs
First Ladies Portraits (retail-only) — one in 24 packs
Cut autos — randomly inserted into packs


Base set errors & variations
4 — Carly Fiorina  (Error card facing right, seen above right, is rarer and pricier.)
21 — Rick Perry (Error card says Rick Santorum. Correction is rarer and pricier.)
88 — Rand Paul (Error appears to be uncorrected — card says No. 86 on the back.)

Candidate Portraits
(Hobby versions are color; retail are black & white)
The following are short-printed:
CP19 — George H. W. Bush (SP)
CP20 — Mitt Romney (SP)
CP21 — Joe Biden (SSP)
CP22 — Sarah Palin (SP)
CP23 — Lindsey Graham (SP)
CP24 — Rick Perry (SP)
CP25 — John McCain (SP)
CP26 — Rick Santorum (SP)
CP27 — Gary Johnson (SSP)

Trump Under Fire
(Retail cards are gold foil; hobby contains parallels.)
Rainbow Silver foil — Common
Pink foil — Uncommon
Green foil — Rare
Blue foil — Very Rare
Red foil — Ultra Rare

Authentic Cut Signature Cards
Gold foil — Common
Blue foil — Very Rare
Red foil — Ultra Rare
All randomly inserted
The following are short-printed (meanwhile, Donald Trump is most prevalent):
CS3 — George W. Bush (SP)
CS12 — Ted Cruz (SP)
CS13 — Carly Fiorina (SP)
CS14 — Chris Christie (SP)
CS15 — Mitt Romney (SP)
CS16 — Lindsey Graham (SP)
CS19 — Paul Ryan (SSP)
CS21 — Sarah Palin (SSP)
CS22 — Bernie Sanders (SSP)


Jumbo box-toppers (hobby-only)
The following are short-printed:
J5  — Carly Fiorina (SP)
J6  — Chris Christie (SP)
J8  — Elizabeth Warren (SSP)
J9  — George W. Bush (SP)
J12  — Joe Biden (SP)
J18  — Michelle Obama (SP)
J20  — Mitt Romney (SP)
J21  — Paul Ryan (SP)
J23  — Sarah Palin (SSP)


God Bless America Flags (mini patch; hobby-only)
Gold foil — Common
Green foil — Rare
Blue foil — Very Rare
Red foil — Ultra Rare
The following are short-printed:
GBA17  — Hillary Clinton (SP)
GBA18  — Donald Trump (SP)


Road to The White House Letters (hobby-only)
Cards spell candidate’s last name

Gold foil — Common
Blue foil — Very Rare
Red foil — Ultra Rare

Elite Premium Set (hobby-only)
Gold foil  —  Common

Blue foil  —  Very Rare
Red foil  — Ultra Rare
The following are short-printed:
E1 — Justice Scalia (SSP)
E7 — Nancy Reagan (SP)


Super Flags (Jumbo Flag Patch) (hobby-only)
Gold foil  —  Common

Blue foil  —  Very Rare
Red foil  —  Ultra Rare
Black & White Flags  —  Ultra Rare
Reverse Flags  —  Ultra Rare

Political Gems (hobby-only)
Gold Foil  —  Common

Green Foil  —  Rare
Blue Foil  —  Very Rare
Red Foil  —  Ultra Rare
The following are short-printed:
PG13  — Michael Bloomberg (SP)
PG19  — Mitt Romney (SP)
PG21  — Melania Trump (SSP)
PG24  — Donald J. Trump (SP)

Pieces of America Coin & Stamp Cards (hobby-only)
Each Card Contains an Authentic USA Postage Stamp and State Quarter Relevant to Subject

Gold Foil  —  Common
Green Foil  —  Rare
Blue Foil  —  Very Rare
Red Foil  —  Ultra Rare
The following are rarer versions:
PA1  — Hillary Clinton (Illinois)  — New York quarter
PA2  — Donald Trump (New York) — Florida quarter
PA3  — Bernie Sanders (Vermont) — New York quarter
PA13 — Mitt Romney (Utah) — Massachusetts quarter


Money Card (hobby-only)
Gold Foil  —  Common

Red Foil  — Ultra Rare

If you’d like to see full checklists — not just short-prints — click here (at end of story).

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2 thoughts on “Decision 2016 political trading card odds & short-prints revealed

  1. Thomas Feeney October 16, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    Have you heard of an error I pulled Obama State quarter with upside down flag stamp.


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