ThinkGeek’s new Star Trek: TNG Trekini Swimwear far from the only clothing options for Trekkers

Star-Trek-Swimsuit-gallery-think-geek-isoo_st_one_piece_swimsuit_gridStar Trek will be in the news again soon with a new film coming soon, but thanks to ThinkGeek, Star Trek: The Next Generation had things buzzing online Tuesday.

Star-Trek-Swimsuit-gallery-think-geek-ef2d_star_trek_oven_mittThat’s thanks to its line of Trekini Swimwear unveiled today.

The new additions to the Trek lineup from the geek-inspired Fairfax, Va.-based company are far from the only wearables available to the masses. In fact, everything from baby onesies to oven mitts (right) and pajamas can be found along with t-shirts, sweatshirts and a bit of everything else.

The initial Star Trek: TNG Trekini lineup includes pieces for fans of the engineering (red), science (blue) and command (gold) ranks as well as a “cover-up romper” and a  swim shirt in the unique style of Enterprise counselor Deanna Troi (above).

The new pieces range form $39.99 to $59.99, but they are far from the only clothing options for Trekkers. (And clearly somebody out there interested because this new line was trending on Facebook today.) Check out this gallery of options all found here, which also includes nods to the original series, too.

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