BenchWarmer Dream Girls cards a rare reality via Kickstarter campaign

16bwdreamgirlNSIt began as a simple book-publishing venture and it’s one step closer to becoming a limited-run reality.

The kicker? The 2016 BenchWarmer Dream Girls Kickstarter Elite Preview boxes found as part of a Kickstarter campaign’s incentives might be the rarest boxes ever made — and they’re available now.

Each box contains 20 cards all numbered to no more than five copies. At least 12 of those cards will be autographed in a box that also carries a signature from Ciara Price.

e761ab379c75f2ea194df4baa578157e_originalNot every backer received a box or case as part of the campaign, but 127 backers committed $68,275 to make the Dream Girls book (above) become a reality. That was more than three times its $20,000 goal — and now the boxes are available in advance of the book.

There also were case incentives for high-end backers as part of the campaign. Each case contains four boxesFor more information about the project and all of the various cards created for backers that will now potentially be available for collectors to chase on the secondary market, click here.

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