Buzz-worthy Bargain Break: Making a case for five discounted cases

2015pnstarsstripesBBIf you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of cases with dramatically discounted prices this weekend over on the mothership and they were dramatic enough that Buzz had to sit down and ponder the possibilities in many of them.

So much so here are five that caught this collector’s eye.

2001udgolfrack2001 Upper Deck golf rack pack case (12 boxes)
Now, based on this one’s bargain price, you can assume that there aren’t many hits here. You’d be right, but based on my past experience the Upper Deck cases from this year can over-deliver on hits, despite the long odds. (It won’t always happen, but it has at times for me.) This one is largely about one card — the Tiger Woods Rookie Card — in the basic set, but there’s always a chance at ink and memorabilia cards. The 2001 SP Authentic Preview packs also are fun and they do have parallels — and Tiger is in that set as well. (That card might be the biggest non-hit draw, actually.) This is a cheap rip with potential.

2015pnstarsstripesBB2015 Panini Stars and Stripes baseball (20 boxes)
Some of the biggest young names in the game today can be found in this one — with autographs — and one of the biggest ones is seen on the box at left in Kris Bryant. There are impressive autographed patch cards to be found as well as high-end creations that simply can’t be done (at this price point) with guys who are big-leaguers as often as found here. You can pull impressive stuff here and, remember, there are 20 boxes in that case — all with four hits apiece — for that price. (That’s tough to beat in the current market.)

2009toppsmayoFB2009 Topps Mayo football (eight boxes)
Buying older football boxes can be tough at times as players come and go so quickly, but, then again, so did this brand — and that makes this one to consider. Why? It’s a retro-styled football brand that’s in the realm of Allen & Ginter. Mayo was only around two seasons, and it includes non-traditional autographs and Relics along with a decent mix of big football names. (The big names remain big but the rookies probably aren’t.) For the case price, number of boxes and inclusions, this one’s got potential — and it might be the most-interesting case of the bunch here considering its lower price. (Send Buzz one for a case breakdown, boss!)

2014pnprizmSC2014 Panini Prizm World Cup soccer (12 boxes)
This landmark release is undoubtedly a big one — and it’s not one of the cheapest — but it’s got massive potential as the autograph checklist is deep and some of the big names in this one can top your case price if you get the right combination of player, ink and color. There is not an autograph in every box — something Buzz learned the hard way when it arrived, going 0-for-3 before finally landing an auto — so the safest way to chase big ink and rare Prizms is by busting cases. Sure, there have been other soccer cases to come since, but this one was the first. (If you want a cheaper taste of this brand, try this one.)

15lfphotoWR2015 Leaf Wrestling Autographed 8×10 Photograph Edition (10 boxes)
Buzz hasn’t ripped any of this, but it’s caught my eye since its arrival. Now that it’s got a discounted price, the ability to immediately have a collection of 50 signed wrestling photos all in one swoop is compelling. As long as there aren’t an overwhelming number of duplicate autos, this should be ok — though wrestling autographs aren’t always the priciest items out there. This one is more of a collector pick, though there should be some big names and multi-person pics if you buy on the case level.

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