Topps’ Kimbo Slice autographs a rare find — and one’s even rarer

kimbo-slice-2009-topps-UFC-TUFHe’s got just one certified autograph — but if you have it you may need another.

Kimbo Slice was a backyard brawler and YouTube enigma before he became a professional MMA fighter. He had a 5-2 record with Elite XC, UFC and Bellator but that limited time with UFC was enough to get him a single certified autograph card appearance.

The fighter, who died on Monday at age 42, signed a limited number of 2009 Topps UFC The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 cards. However, there’s a twist here.


He signed a number of the cards with his full name, Kevin Ferguson, and those cards are much rarer than those signed “Kimbo.”

His Topps UFC card appearances stopped after the following year — he had four Relics produced but never signed any of the other trading cards featuring him. He had fewer than 30 card appearances total.

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