Flawless cleat cards bring new dimension to memorabilia cards

panini-america-2016-flawless-soccer-studs84Panini America‘s 2016 Flawless soccer cards are coming soon — next week, actually — and one of the thing that will give more than a few deep-pocketed collectors some kicks will be the Studs found inside those silver briefcases.

You know, the game-used cleat cards.

panini-america-2016-flawless-soccer-studs101The company teased a number of these rarer cards online Wednesday and they’re among the most-unique soccer cards ever made — and arguably cards from any sport, too. How easily will they be found within the 10-card boxes? We’ll have to watch the breaks and see.

There’s not much else that needs said on these outrageous creations — just check out the gallery.

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