Buzz Collector Profile: Eric Biunno

INtroEric Biunno
Also known as: Cyber Warrior on Blowout
Location: New York
Work away from comics: Owner/operator medical transporter service
Collecting since: 2002

Main focuses: J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes & Artgerm comics, Sideshow Premium Format statues.

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite artists/publishers: J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes & Artgerm and Marvel, DC, Image

Current collecting projects: Hard to find Campbell variants.

CoolComicOne cool comic: Spider-Man #1 (1990) CGC SS 9.8 signed by Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee. It has sentimental value being it was the first comic book that my father purchased for me when I was a kid. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my father who passed away a few years back. I remember the convention we were at, my first time being at one and I remember him teaching me how to negotiate with dealers … something I will never forget.

One cool stat: Superior Spider-Man #20 CGC SS 9.8 signed by Campbell. Currently only 60 copies exist on the census.

Best find: Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.8 (first appearance of Harley Quinn). It’s my most-valuable book in my collection and will stay there until I’m gone.

A fellow collector says: “Cyber Warrior is dedicated to the preservation and keeps his comics in pristine condition. I’ve seen a lot of people protect their comics, but his comics come to be protected to survive a nuclear blast! I’m talking better than Indiana Jones in a fridge protection! Top-notch protection and this only comes from the mind of someone who knows how important their books are to their collection and maintaining their quality. This is an admirable attribute and something we as collectors should all strive for.” — IndySportsCards

In his own words: “It started off as a kid going with my friends down the block to a neighbors house who sold comics out of his garage. We would pick up X-Men and Spider-Man books each week a new issue came out and read them. My father would take me to small comic and card conventions and is the person who really started my collecting habits. We would buy baseball and basketball cards but being an artist, even at a young age, my desire was for comics and that become my main focus. Growing up I stopped collecting for a long time but during my college years I decided to get back into the hobby, I started collecting comics that were signed and graded and would display them on my office wall as a reminder of my youth. I discovered the Blowout forum when I got started in comic book speculation and learned there was money to be made flipping books. My focus nowadays is displaying the comics that my favorite artists worked on. I also recently got into collecting 1/4 scale statues of my favorite characters. They’re massive, limited and exclusive pieces standing roughly two feet tall and each one is individually numbered and hand-painted … a true work of art for a comic art fan such as myself.”

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