eBay Buzz: Is his really a $500,000 Mike Trout baseball card?

MIke-Trout-2009-Bowman-Chrome-Draft-Superfractor-AuctionSo, what’s the best card of one of Major League Baseball’s top two players worth?

You could find out soon as Mike Trout‘s Superfractor from 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft is on the auction block. The asking price? A mere $500,000 Buy it Now — or best offer.

(No, seriously, go look.)

MIke-Trout-2009-Bowman-Chrome-Draft-Superfractor-Auction-backThis card is not a new pull from an old box, either, as the card passed through Beckett Grading Services way back on Feb. 8, 2011, to receive its BGS 9 (10 auto) grade.

Since then the card has made its way to Taiwan, where its now in the hands of eBay seller “Rookie Sniper” who has perfect feedback with more than 6,600 transactions.

Ironically, it’s not the only Trout Super on eBay at the moment — there are 10. Two of them are comparable in style — autographs — and one is from his Rookie Card season of 2011. You can have them both for roughly $31,000.

So, the real question on the 2009 card is … would you buy it if you could?

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