No doubts here … LeBron James gets another Sports Illustrated cover

LeBron-James-SI-coverHe told the world that he was coming home in the pages of Sports Illustrated and now that he’s accomplished his goal of landing Cleveland its first championship since 1964 it makes the most sense to find himself on the cover of the long-running magazine once again.

Not since his debut as “The Chosen One” has there been such a potentially coveted LeBron James SI cover.

James has plenty of covers that are part of the 62-year history of the magazine — more than 25 so far — and he’s probably got more to come.

This, one however, is the king for this week — and it will reign in the eyes of Cavaliers fans for some time as an affordable piece of championship memorabilia. If you get shut out and are patient, it’s quite likely you’ll be able to order issues straight from SI right here.

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