Is this where J.R. Smith’s missing shirt went? Ok, maybe not …

J.R.SmithHe’s played a decade in the NBA for four teams but now that he’s got an NBA championship there’s one member of the Cleveland Cavaliers who just might have one of the rarer — and dare we say hotter — basketball cards of the bunch?

Ok, maybe not — but maybe J.R. Smith‘s missing shirt might spark interest in his memorabilia cards?

Again, maybe not, but it’s a fun thought.

This card is a 2015-16 Panini National Treasures Timelines memorabilia card limited to only 99 copies. It’s one of only 18 different memorabilia cards made for the NBA veteran — and of that number even fewer are actually from his time with the world champion Cavaliers. It looks like roughly eight of that 18 show him with different teams.

Smith actually has more memorabilia cards than you might think considering his near-journeyman status — he’s got almost 500 different memorabilia cards. Many of those show him with the Hornets and fewer than 35 show him as a member of the Cavs. That’s a number that means something — for now — as he works his way through the team’s championship parade and into potential meme status and Twitter commentary icon. Why? He’s not worn a shirt. For a while now.

Only two copies of the card are presently on eBay — a scorching 99 cents and $1.04 so far — but there are three bids. Don’t doubt the power of a championship, though, as one already sold today for more than $5.

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