First Buzz: 2016 Topps Star Wars Card Trader trading cards

16_Star Wars Card Trader-4
2016 Topps Star Wars Card Trader trading cards
Arrives: Nov. 9
Box basics: 24 packs per box (16 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: The Star Wars online card app gets a physical companion with extra ways to invigorate one’s digital collection via finds in physical packs — in other words it appears that the hits here unlock hits in the digital realm. (Full info is still to come.)

Keep reading for more and a full gallery of images.

Star-Wars-Card-Trader-8The Basics:
 The basic set will consist of 100 cards with new images found on the original Card Trader design. Parallel cards found in every pack will unlock a parallel card in the app. There are Blue (one per pack), Red (one in four), Green (/99), Orange (/50), Battle Damaged (/10) and Slave I (/5) cards. … Insert cards will include Film Quotes, Classic Artwork, Galactic Moments, Reflections and Topps Choice. … Digital Autograph cards found in packs will unlock autographed cards in the app as well. There will be basic (/25), Red (/10) and Gold (/5) auto cards. There also will be Trader Loot cards that allow finders to unlock a pack of cards on the app. They will be found one in every 24 packs in the physical packs.

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