Gallery: 2016 Donruss Elite football cards

2016-donruss-elite-auto-gallery-a-60After a year on the bench, Panini America has revived the Elite brand with a new wave of new looks for the brand best known for its foilboard.

Since its arrival yesterday, collectors have been finding plenty of on-card ink, plenty of new looks and some EPIX-styled looks that the Elite brand hasn’t seen before on a checklist that includes stars from the past and present as well as the new crop of NFL rookies.

2016-donruss-elite-auto-gallery-a-16Each box of 2016 Donruss Elite will include two autographs and one memorabilia card and at least one of those will be an on-card Pen Pals auto. The memorabilia cards include a number of NFL legends on an impressively clean yet complicated and distinctly Elite design Check out our First Buzz preview for 2016 Donruss Elite for more info.

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