First Buzz: 2016 Topps Premier Gold soccer cards

2016-Topps-Premier-Gold-autoWhat: 2016 Topps Premier Gold soccer cards
Arrives: Nov. 23
Box basics: One autograph and two additional autos or Relics per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Topps gives the Premier Gold brand a new look at a low price with three hits still inside every hobby box while offering a “showcase [for] the greatest football talent in the world from the English Premier League.”

Keep reading for more and a full gallery of images.

2016-Topps-Premier-Gold-pitch-brilliance-autoThe Basics:
 The basic set will include current and past stars and have at least one parallel (Red) according to the early info. … There will be Premier Portraits sketch cards, Brilliance of the Pitch inserts and autos and Moments autographs. The Brilliance insert will focus on career achievements, while the Moments will be rarer autos for key times in league history. … These boxes carry a suggested retail price of $100 a box. … Topps will release more information on this brand at a later date.

Update: There will be 150 cards in the base checklist each with Green, Purple, Red and 1/1 Black parallels in a set with Rookie Crds for Anthony Martial, Dele Alli and Riyard Mahrez, according to the company. … Boxes will include twice as many insert cards this year with New Signings and Ambiance among them. Ambiance will focus on “greatest venues” while newcomers get the nod in the other set. … Among the hits ill be Base autos, Football Fibers Relics with Purple, Red and 1/1 Black parallels as well as autographed Relics for standout stars. Also in the works will be Moments autos (one per case) and Sponsor Auto Jumbo Relics limited to five copies.

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