Box-office bust or not, this new Ghostbusters Slimer cap available from New Era is … something

hwlThe new version of Ghostbusters is headed to the box office this weekend after months of mixed reactions.

Whether the movie resonates or bombs, fans of the two original films in the franchise have seen a serious wave of merchandising along with the new film that celebrates both the classic cast and the new all-female ghost-busting squad.

Among those items are a series of caps from New Era, some of which are standard-looking headwear … and some, well, that just aren’t.

hwl-6A total of seven caps are in the Ghostbusters collection with the cheapest being $26.99 and the priciest being the Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man caps at $55.99.

The fitted caps are available from size 7 to 7 5/8 on the New Era site. You can see them all below and can find more information on them all here.

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