Gallery: 2016 Goodwin Champions

2016-upper-deck-goodwin-champions-auto-hit-gallerys-1600-a-10One of the bright spots in Upper Deck‘s Goodwin Champions is the variety of autographs and memorabilia found inside as the company’s distinct focus is placed on everywhere but what you’d expect.

(And what you’d expect is in there, too.)

This year’s release officially arrives today and the cards have started trickling onto online auctions so we can truly see the variety of what’s inside.

2016-upper-deck-goodwin-champions-auto-hit-gallerys-1600-a-5Boxes of Goodwin will include three hits per box with everything from Olympians to Silent Bob, which is a mix full of first-time signers that should translate into surprising sales as fans who don’t typically buy cards now have something to chase.

Here’s the start of a gallery of mostly hits but with a few other basics shown, too. (If you want to see some of the higher-end inclusions check out this previous teaser gallery here.)

>> Click here to view the final 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist

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