First Buzz: 2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Box trading cards

 2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Box trading cards
Arrives: Nov. 23
Box basics: One hit per pack, four packs per box (eight boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Topps’ Second The Walking Dead release is billed as a high-end brand with a hit in every pack (a five-card mini-box) that looks back at the first six seasons of the series.

2016-Walking-Dead-Survival-Box-18The Basics:
 The base set will be 50 cards printed on premium stock focusing on the key characters in the series along with 25 variations for those top names. The parallels will include Infected (/99), Rotten (/25), Maggots (/10) and 1/1 Bone cards as well as printing plates. Inserts will only have Rotten, Maggots, Bone and plates and there will be three sets — Walker Bites, Kill or Be Killed and Survival Guide. … Autographs will come with as many as three sigs, while there will be sketch cards in the mix as well. Costume Relics will have duals, autos and parallels.

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