Panini SuperVIP spoils could be yours via BlowoutCards promo

2016pnvip02_zps2npbrrduThis year’s Panini VIP party at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, N.J., will have a Super twist — as in SuperVIPs that get plenty of extras — but wants to help others get in on the action without heading to the coast.

Details have not yet been revealed for the party, but only a handful of SuperVIP tickets will be available.

Each SuperVIP will get 800 silver wrapper redemption packs. They will get double the Gold VIP packs, too, a number that remains elusive (but it will be impressive). They will get two VIP Black Boxes. They will get a set of autographed photos from the athletes in attendance at the party as well as a piece of memorabilia from Panini Authentic and a SuperVIP box.

How is Blowout making this more attainable to you even if you’re not at the show or a VIP?

Easy. It’s with a 100-spot sales promotion where spots will receive some of the spoils of the SuperVIP ticket as a bonus with what they purchase via a randomly selected list.

Each person in the spot will get wax boxes of some type along with VIP items.

Literally all of the items from the SuperVIP haul will be mixed into the 100-spot promotion. For more details, check out this thread.

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