Buzz Break: 2014 BenchWarmer Eclectic Collection & have you ever had a box over-deliver like this one?

2014bweclecticNSWe all know someone who busts boxes just for the hits and there are a lot of boxes out there that guarantee nothing but the hits, particularly for budgets that are big. (You know, the stuff like Flawless.)

Also out there are collectors like Buzz, who rip boxes on a budget, allowing for dabbling in more than one area (you know, not just Flawless) and bust a bit more more often.

One recent box ripped by yours truly was 2014 BenchWarmer Eclectic Collection, which is essentially a repack product with a few new unique cards created in addition to a massive assortment of past packs.

You’re guaranteed at least eight hits … but my box included 17.

2014-Benchwarmer-Eclectic-gallery-2Each box guarantees three new Eclectic autos, one Eclectic memorabilia card, two more new autos and two past autos. The 60 packs inside the box are from various past BenchWarmer releases — a literal grab bag of history from the very first year for the brand in 1992 up to the recent years. Then there’s a box-topper and a 1994 factory set in the box, too. (Because of the variety of products, a routine Buzz Break using our format isn’t easily done.)

My particular box included a signed jumbo box-topper along with seven more autographs or kiss cards inside the packs. Were any of them high-dollar cards? Not this time, but there are rare parallels and decent-selling names among those on the checklist for this one as well as plenty of names from the past when it comes to TV, movies and even areas like pro wrestling. Land one or two big names or one rarer parallel of somebody who sells and your box is ahead of what it cost since this box is quite affordable.

Here’s a rundown of the hits found in this box:

Eclectic hits — 9
Eclectic autos (4) — Brande Roderick, Caitlin O’Connor, Spencer Scott, Kathryn Smith
Eclectic Collection swatch (1) — Brandy Grace
Past/promo autos (4) — 2005 BenchWarmer – Lisa Ligon, 2014 Valentine promo auto – Cassie Cardelle, 2012 Happy New Year promo auto – Tiffany Toth 2014 Easter promo auto – Kirsty Lingman


Single pack hits — 8
Box-topper (1) — 2004 BenchWarmer Jumbo Auto Sandra Taylor
1997 BenchWarmer (1) — Suzi Simpson auto
2003 BenchWarmer Series 1 (1) — Brooke Long kiss card
2005 BenchWarmer Series 1 (1) — Victoria Fuller auto
2005 BenchWarmer Signature Series (1) — Tira Provost /150
2013 BenchWarmer Bubblegum (3) — Cecille Gahr, Jennifer Lyons, Yvette Nelson

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: A-

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