Cryptozoic readies Justice League promo cards for SDCC

82bc668e-84fd-4dbb-94d2-95126c45b48fA set of nine promo cards for the recently released DC Comics Justice League trading card set from Cryptozoic will only be available at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

The cards will be available at three different booths at the show while supplies last.


A selection of cards in this style were found as inserts in the product. Here’s the breakdown of what’s where at the show:

Juniors Cards & Comics (Booth C11, C12)
DC8-1: Jostled by the Joker
DC8-4: Fangs of the Phantom
DC8-7: Caged by the Catwoman

Mark’s Non-Sports Cards (Booth 5616)
DC8-3: A Wretched Riddle
DC8-6: Inhospitable Hatter
DC8-9: A Fatal Joust

Triangle Cards (Booth B-01)
DC8-2: Cornered on a Cliff
DC8-5: Jack Frost’s Jinx
DC8-8: Snaring the Sheik

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