Rare copy of Superman’s debut hits market via Heritage Auctions

Action-Comics-1-supermanSan Diego Comic-con will undoubtedly generate some buzz for fans and collectors when it kicks off this week, but Heritage Auctions has some big books on the auction block that could spark some discussions, too.

One of them is a copy of Action Comics No. 1.  

Action-Comics-1-superman-backThe June 1938 issue is graded a CGC 5.5 — only one of two to ever get that mark — and is the origin and first appearance of Superman as well as Lois Lane, characters who helped redefine comic book history.

This is also a holy grail book that, as CGC 9.0, sold for $3.2 million back in 2014, though it’s believed to be rare no matter what. At the time of that big sale, only seven unrestored copies of the book had ever graded a CGC 6.0 or better.

This copy is the best one Heritage has ever handled and only eight copies of the 37 slabbed by CGC as unrestored have graded higher. The bidding currently sits at $500,000 with a close to the auction coming on Aug. 4. Click here to see more details.

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