Goldin Auctions to once again sell high-grade Honus Wagner card that previously went for $2.1 million

bf552003-7fd6-43d0-9419-00a0f165c854A big baseball card is heading to the auction block once again.

A PSA 5 (MC) copy of the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner — the most-valuable baseball card of all time — is headed back to the auction block this fall via Goldin Auctions. The Runnemede, N.J.-based company announced the news on Thursday, noting that it will be up for grabs in its “Great American Trading Card Auction” in September after it goes on display at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, N.J.

“Serious collectors understand that every time a card like this is offered for auction, it may be the last time for a long time,” said Ken Goldin, the founder of the auction house. “The excitement that the auction of a T206 Wagner generates, coupled with the current booming market for high-grade trading cards, creates the perfect storm for establishing a new standard for sports memorabilia.”

58adabe3-c6d8-4bd0-88e7-2f786a1f7420This particular card, labeled the “jumbo Wagner” because it’s actually larger than it should be, previously sold in April 2013 when it went for $2.1 million — a sale also handled by Goldin.

Fewer than 50 copies of the card have been slabbed and authenticated, and recent sales of high-grade — and much more available — cards like the iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle have helped spark added interest in such elite cardboard.

“With the tremendous increase in value of key trading cards, and influx of new collectors, the market has been clamoring for a high-grade Wagner to come to market,” Goldin said. “We are pleased to offer one of the three highest graded examples and what many people consider the most desirable.”

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