First Buzz: 2016 Afterworld Genesis trading card game

AfterworldWhat: 2016 Afterworld Genesis trading card game
 Sept. 30
Box basics: 20 10-card packs per box (12 boxes per case via two inner cases)

What’s buzz-worthy: Panini America unleashes a new TCG, which we’ll let them sum up like this: “In the Afterworld, the greatest champions from the civilizations of Atlantis, Viking legend, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Japan are pitted against each other for dominance. With stunning original artwork and exciting gameplay, Afterworld offers players the best of both worlds, a complete and compelling game experience with the fun of chasing rare cards to enhance the experience.”

Keep reading for more and a gallery of images.

The Basics: A box will include 72 uncommon cards, 24 rare card and 10 parallels, while there will be “Faction packs” with four members of each team inside. The base game for this will include 166 cards per pack with two 60-card decks, one 24-card territory pack, one 10-card booster pack and all the necessary game-play pieces for two players to compete.

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