You’ll need to turn back clock & look for some Topps Mayo football packs to land Tim Kaine’s “Rookie Card”

TimKaineHillary Clinton‘s selection for her vice-presidential running mate appears on a handful of trading cards, but you’ll have to go find some old packs of football cards to find his first one.

Virginia Senator and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine first appeared on cardboard back in 2009 when Topps released an Allen & Ginter-styled football set called Topps Mayo.

There, in the 2009 Topps Mayo United States Governors insert set you’ll find him nestled between James H. Douglas and Christine Gregoire in the 50-card set. These cards were among a few mini insert sets with cards found six times per hobby box.

That makes this a bit of a tough pull, but it’s not his only cardboard.

KaineAlthough his card has a typo in his name calling him Tom (which was not corrected) he appears on four different cards in the Decision 2016 set. He has a regular card in the Influencers subset along with parallels found with Blue, Gold and Red foil. This scenario is very similar to the Republicans’ VP choice when it comes to cardboard.

Clinton’s cardboard appearances have been plentiful in the past with her having nearly 100 cards in the Decision 2016 set alone.

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