Show exclusives: Can there be too much of a good thing?

comic-con-logochuckRozanskiSan Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski offered some interesting thoughts on one facet of the event that has continued to grow over the years as it has exploded into way more than simply a comic book show.


Rozanski is a veteran in his industry and he’s definitely seen the changes for the show through the years.

“We continually heard words to the effect that there was a ‘weird vibe’ to this year’s entire event,” he wrote in his company’s newsletter. “I don’t know how to describe this feeling exactly, but one factor that I know contributed to the unease was the pressure on ordinary fans to quickly traverse the show floor in order to obtain desirable exclusives to resell immediately on eBay. That factor has always been evident among a subset of Comic-Con attendees, but rising hotel and travel costs (and reports of lucrative profits) have brought this strategy to the forefront in ways that have sucked a great deal of the joy out of attending the show.

“Watching people stampeding into the room at opening only to then stand in long lines for exclusives to immediately flip reflects to me a disheartening degree of avarice, and a perversion of the underlying premise of the show.”

What do you think? And how would this notion of exclusives apply to the National Sports Collectors Convention? Take our poll below …

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