Buzz Break: 2016 Cryptozoic The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6-7 cards

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory 6 & 7 Trading Cards Packaging ImagesFrom time to time, Buzz will break a box of something and post the results here. Like this and want to see more? Or maybe there’s a box you’d want to see busted? Send Buzz an email at

The box: 2016 Cryptozoic The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6-7
Where to buy: 

Packs per box:
Cards per pack: 5
Cards in this box: 114
Base set completion: 
72 of 72 (100 percent)
Duplicates: 7

tbbt67_portraits_bernadetteInsert cards: 31

Silver parallel (5) – Relationship Uncertainty, Men of Action, A Roommate Surprise, Drunk Dialer, Searching for a New Focus
Silver Artist Series (1) – 
Artist Series (8) – 
Complete set plus one duplicate.
The Friendship Algorithm (10) – 
Complete puzzle plus one duplicate.
Portraits (7) – 
Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, Bernadette

Autographs/Memorabilia: 4
Vertical autographs (2) – 
Bob Newhart, Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Memorabilia cards (1) 
– Johnny Galecki as Leonard (shirt)
Dual Wardrobe (1) – 
Kaley Cuoco as Penny and Kunal Nayyar as Raj (shirt and jacket)

What’s Buzz-worthy: All 48 episodes from two seasons of the show have their shot at cardboard in this 72-card that that’s heavy on moments but light on description for one of TV’s top shows. Not all top members of the cast signed on for this one, but this box was a highlight with one of the biggest names in the brand, deadpan comedy legend Bob Newhart, found on the ink along with one other auto and two memorabilia cards — one being a 1:96-pack dual. The stated odds on autos and memorabilia are both one in 15 packs, so this box delivered more than it should have. … The box included complete sets of all inserts (except the silver parallels) as well as a complete set, giving the collector everything they are looking for when it comes to non-hits. … Autographed memorabilia cards and two types of standard autos (horizontal or vertical) help offer some variety as well. All in all, this was a good box from a brand that has a lot of possibilities inside with everything from wardrobe memorabilia of all top cast members to other props such as model train felt and even triple/quad wardrobe cards. This was a strong box but, realistically, there could be even stronger ones out there. 

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: A

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