Blowout’s booth is place to be during this year’s National

BlowoutThe 37th National Sports Collectors Convention is nearly here and, while Atlantic City, N.J., will be the center of the collecting universe, we have to note that the booth (No. 1,220) will be the epicenter of the show at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Well, some of those boxes — and cases — in our 18 pallets of stuff out on the show floor are part of the largest Blowout giveaways yet in our history at the show. (And show veterans should already know how big they’ve been in the past … this time we’re stealing the show.)


At the Blowout booth is where you’ll find everything you need to know with our redemption center, the Carson Wentz and Ben Simmons Beckett Covers card, the daily giveaways and plenty more, including as the boss says “jaw-dropping show-floor pricing” as well as plenty of high-end wax and closeout specials, too.

One of the mysterious components of this year’s show is the Blowout Super Ticket Black Card, something extremely limited and something so top secret that Buzz can’t even say more about it right here.

Now that’s a big deal.

Booth No. 1,220 will be a must-stop station for all your wrapper redemption needs, whether it’s for the standard boxes or a buy for the Panini VIP party.

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And now, the Big Ticket Giveaway Prize Board gallery …
Nos. 1-25 are cases and Nos. 26-50 are boxes. Check out all of these items that will be given away at the show.

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