Scenes from the Show … Before The National begins (and more)


Update: This post started on Monday and its gallery is updating throughout the preview night on Wednesday. There will be new galleries to come beginning on Thursday.

The calm before the storm is here.

On-floor preparation for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention has begun inside the Atlantic City Convention center. What you see here is the view of what will become Booth No. 1220, the home of for the show, which begins Wednesday evening and runs through Sunday evening.

But that’s not the only early scene seen so far …

Via @nsccshow: You know you’re at the National when these are your room keys.

One highlight so far at some venues? The room keys as you can see above. They have a collectable twist and something says that these will be ending up on eBay soon — if they aren’t already.

Just getting to the show is part of the show-going adventure, whether you’re a dealer or a collector and you can see a few highlights (or mishaps) from those heading to New Jersey in our just-starting gallery below, which will update until the show begins. (Should your travel photo be seen here? Tag @BlowoutBuzz on Twitter and Buzz will add it … if it’s tasteful, err, worthy.)

Want even more? Buzz will have more preview pieces between now and Wednesday but you can click here to see all of our past pieces previously revealing nuggets of news for the show.

Future sites
Oh, and where is the show in future years? Here’s a rundown so you can make plans for your next adventure.
2017: Chicago (July 26-30)
2018: Cleveland
2019: Chicago

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