Steiner Sports was in on Alex Rodriguez’s final game before it was even over — and you can be, too

ARodGU_medAlex Rodriguez‘s time as a New York Yankee on the field is over, but the auctions have just begun.

Steiner Sports is auctioning off one of the jerseys worn by A-Rod on Friday night as well as other memorabilia from the 6-3 victory as part of a “Farewell No. 13!” sale.


Rodriguez’s jersey worn for the first three innings of the game — worn for his RBI double, which could be the final of his career — leads off the auction with an opening bid of $7,500.

Other lots include his batting gloves ($100 open and sitting at $630 after seven bids), hat (opens at $1,000), cleats (opens at $1,500) and a game-used bat (opens at $4,500).

The auctions close on Aug. 22 and can be seen here.

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