First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition

Yu-gi-oh-invasion-vengeanceWhat: Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition
Arrives: Dec. 9
Box basics: Three packs, one Super Rare and one preview card per deck, 10 decks per display  (12 displays per case)

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, this one “introduces Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, a nefarious Fusion Monster that can steal the identity of enemy monsters, taking their effects and even their name.” And, as a bonus, the “Dragon isn’t tied to any one theme – any Duelist who has DARK monsters in their Deck can use it.” And not just that, but “Joining it is Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon, an upgraded form of the popular Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon that spells the end of your opponent’s monster effects and a new beginning for your fallen Xyz Monsters.” … Each deck includes one of two Super Rares — either Dystopia the Despondent or Relinkuriboh — as well as one of two Super Rare preview cards from the 2017 booster set, Crystron Rion or Yokotuner. … The decks will carry a suggested retail price of $9.99

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