Gallery: 2016 Topps The Mint baseball cards (will update)

Topps’ most-expensive baseball card box ever arrives tomorrow and The Mint aims to “raise the bar for premium card collecting.”

And the first few cards to trickle onto eBay looks like there could be something to that.


Each five-card box of 2016 Topps The Mint includes nothing but hits.

Among the surprises to be found in this one are Vin Scully and “Rocky Balboa” autographs along with the previously teased “Nuke” LaLoosh auto that lists him with the Atlanta Braves. (Need more detail? See our First Buzz preview from March right here.)

>> Click here to view the final checklist in PDF form.

Here’s as sampling of what’s been found so far — and we’ll add more to this gallery as they are found and placed on eBay by collectors who took a trip to The Mint.

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One thought on “Gallery: 2016 Topps The Mint baseball cards (will update)

  1. Cardboard Icons August 17, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    Who is buying this?! Oh, the same folks buying the unlicensed custom products … hit chasers and gamblers. At $900 a box, there seems to be very little that would remotely make anyone feel OK about this product. It’s a hybrid of Topps Tier One, Strata and Five Star with a ridiculous price point. No thanks.


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