Topps Crossover program gives collectors chance to turn digital trading cards into physical ones

Week 1 pack

Topps Bunt brought baseball cards to the digital realm in 2012 — and Topps Crossover is bringing them back.

Topps revealed Crossover on Tuesday with an announcement on its website. Every Tuesday, Topps will list a Crossover card set on its site that can be ordered for just one week — cards that had been found only in the digital realm. And they won’t just be baseball, either.

“We are constantly hearing from physical trading card collectors and users of Topps’ apps how great it would be to get printed versions of the digital cards.” said Jeff Heckman, Director of New Product Development and Ecommerce marketplace. “We have taken that feedback to heart and decided to launch Topps Crossover.”

13938137_10154435353499594_2396920777193743723_oThe first set to cross over is the Topps Bunt Splatter Art set of six cards, which includes Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Yoenis Cespedes, Madison Bumgarner, Bryce Harper and David Ortiz.

The print-on-demand packs will be like 2016 Topps #TBT in that the packs will be available for a week with the print runs revealed at the end of that period. It’s not limited to baseball, either, as cards from Topps apps including Kick, UFC Knockout, WWE Slam, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Card Trader and Star Wars: Card Trader are planned.

The packs are $19.99 apiece or $49.99 for three with free shipping. They can be found here.

Update: The first week sold 457 packs. See the present release by clicking here.

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