A Michael Conforto collector needs this 1996 Upper Deck Olympicard

Michael-mom-traci-Conforto-upper-deckMichael Conforto hasn’t had the best sophomore season but playing in New York City means there are plenty of collectors who has sought out his cardboard.

But there’s a chance many of them have missed a different Conforto that should be found along with their collection of New York Mets cardboard.

It’s a 1996 Upper Deck Olympicard of Tracie Ruiz-Conforto — his mother.


She’s a three-time Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming and a former Arizona Wildcat who is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

The New York Met was just three years old when this card arrived from Upper Deck and it details her run at the 1984 Olympics where she won two gold medals in the first games to include her sport.

The card, No. 66 in the set, isn’t an expensive one but the wax boxes of this one are a bit tougher to find and the set is rich in history, names and photography — especially the photography. It’s a who’s who of Olympians up to that time. For added other-sport trivia fans, it also includes a card for long-time WWE star Mark Henry, a powerlifter, before his wrestling days.

It’s probably not the only Conforto parent cardboard out there. His dad, Mike, is a former Penn State linebacker who likely appears on some type of team-issue cards or memorabilia from his playing days.

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