Topps NOW UFC cards return for UFC 202 (plus ongoing gallery)

artufc-16c2s-16tn-202-a-1Update: Sales stats have been added to the images in the gallery — McGregor set a new sales record, topping Lesnar’s previous mark.

UFC 202 is tonight and that means there are four new 2016 Topps Now UFC cards presently on pre-sale.

On Monday, the four cards will be updated with images from key matches tonight and a final 24-hour window will begin. The rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor should be the most-watched match and the most-bought card and it could set a record for Topps NOW UFC sales.


That’s not a bold prediction to make as the first batch of six Topps Now UFC cards from UFC 200 sold an average of just 159 copies per card with the current record being 320 sold for Brock Lesnar. The low last round was a mere 87 for Cain Velasquez.

The four cards for tonight’s card can be seen below. They can be had right now for $9.99 apiece with discounts available for quantity purchases. Click here for more info.

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