Topps Now goes big with David Ortiz autos & Gary Sanchez Relics

artbb-16c2s-16tn-0389f-1_1It might be the biggest (Papi) day in Topps Now history.

For the first time, Today’s Topps Now lineup includes autographs that can be purchased outright — David Ortiz — and Relics for the hard-hitting New York Yankees rookie Gary Sanchez on the same day as part of a 14-card offering.

Ortiz autos start at $199.99 for his card limited to 99 copies all the way up to a $999.99 1/1 card that is already sold out.

artbb-16c2s-16tn-0388f-1The Sanchez rainbow includes the same familiar five shades as past Relics with prices starting at $129.99 for the Relic limited to 99 copies.

Each has a standard card, while the other cards today include Yu Darvish‘s first career home run and Albert Pujols passing Mark McGwire on the career home run list.

Each of the standard cards will be available and printed to order initially only on for only 24 hours. The others will likely be sold out within minutes of release.

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