Comedy icon Gene Wilder dies at 83

2015-leaf-pop-century-gene-wilderHe was Willie Wonka, he was Dr. Frankenstein. He was that and so much more.

Gene Wilder‘s roles were both eclectic and memorable and they helped entertain in comedies for all ages in TV and movie roles that spanned more than five decades. He died on Sunday in Connecticut after suffering complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83.

Wilder appears on fewer than 40 different trading cards — nearly all of them from Leaf Trading Cards in appearances in its 2015 and 2016 Leaf Pop Century celebrity sets. Every single one of those cards, many as rare as just one copy, is autographed and most have fewer than 10 copies produced. Only three of those cards are not serial-numbered.

Wilder has nearly 40 credits on his filmography with Young Frankenstein, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, The Producers, Will & Grace and, his most-recent work as the voice of Elmer in The Yo Gabba Gabba! Movie 2.

“One of the truly great talents of our time,” Mel Brooks said on Twitter. “He blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship.”

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