First Buzz: 2017 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn trading cards

2017-star-wars-galactic-files-reborn-fordWhat: 2017 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn trading cards
Arrives: July 19
Box basics: Two hits (one autograph guaranteed) per 24-pack box (12 boxes per case)
Checklist: Click here to view

What’s buzz-worthy: A look back at all past Star Wars movies arrives with new touches and card types from all seven films and two animated series all in one place.

Keep reading for more as well as a gallery.

The Basics: The hits in this one will include autographs with duals, triples and even a six-piece card as well as movie poster patches and printing plates. … The basic set will showcase 250 characters from the Star Wars galaxy with each having seven parallels — Orange, Blue, Green (/199), Purple (/99), Gold (/10) and 1/1 Red and printing plates. … Insert sets will spotlight vehicles, famous quotes, weapons, locations and “galactic moments.” … Autographs will have Gold (/25) and Red (1/1) parallels along with printing plates, while there will be 10 different dual autos and five different triples. … Movie poster patches will spotlight 50 characters as well as each past movie. These will have Purple (/199), Gold (/99) and 1/1 Red versions.

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