Gallery: 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series baseball cards

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.07.06 PMIt’s a simple idea — one autographed buyback per box — with a showcase of nostalgia and on-card ink with plenty of variety.

It’s 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series, and it arrived today.


Each box includes just one encased buyback auto with players from the past — some memorable, some legendary.

Whose ink can be found in this one? Check out the signers list here.

Expectations might be high at times for this one with some legendary additions teased in our First Buzz preview, but there are some smaller names, too. This is a product for collectors with enough sizzle that big-hit chasers will dig in, too. (And some of those names will probably sell better than you think as they may not have had a lot of autographs in recent years.)

Check out this gallery of pulls from BlowoutTV and from those pulled and placed on eBay.

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