Vin Scully nears finale with very little certified ink for fans to chase

2012-prime-cuts-vin-scullyVin Scully has been in baseball as the voice of the Dodgers for the last 67 years.

That’s longer than Topps baseball cards have been regularly around. That’s just a few years after the NBA was founded. That’s longer than 14 MLB teams — nearly half of of the majors  — have been around.

With the 88-year-old’s broadcast career in its final stretch, some collectors might be looking to grab one of his few certified autographs — it won’t be easy.


Scully’s newest ink — albeit via redemption — comes in the recently released 2016 Topps The Mint where he is committed to sign four different Gem 10 cards. He’ll sign a standard version and then Green (/10), Purple (/50) and Red (/10) parallels. That’s it and it’s arguably the easiest place to find one statistically and price-wise, though the box prices aren’t the cheapest.

Panini America was the first to land Scully as he signed just 100 cards for 2012 Panini Cooperstown and then 49 more via sticker for 2012 Prime Cuts. He also had 20 cut autos in 2012 National Treasures, though his autograph is plentiful enough in the everyday that he’s had a number of autos in cut products in recent years from a few companies.

The Cooperstown card has been strong historically, though the most recent to sell went for just $400. Asking prices for that one are much higher among active auctions. And the asking price for his only Prime Cuts card on the market is even crazier.

Once his era ends, there may be even more interest in his ink — and it’s a tad surprising that it took this long for card companies to get him into packs — but that’s all there is.

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