Shaq’s size 22 “Shaq Attaq” Pumps are big deal for Steiner Sports

shaq-shoeShaquille O’Neal took his place among the newest members of the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend and it’s his shoes, which are now available via Steiner Sports, that show he’s still one of the biggest.

A limited run of O’Neal’s size 22 Reebok “Shaq Attaq” Pumps are available via Steiner and the sheer novelty of a shoe that large is a big part of the selling point.

So much so, Steiner also is selling them unsigned.


You can land an unsigned shoe for $732 as part of a limited-time offering of the new Hall of Famer. Meanwhile signed shoes start at $999.32 for two different inscriptions, while three others are $1,099.32 per shoe.

The premium inscriptions include “’92 No. 1 pick”, “Big Aristotle” and “Diesel,” while the others are “HOF 16” and “Size 22.”

You can see them all in a gallery below and find more info here.

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