First Buzz: 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems trading cards

2016-marvel-gems-7What: 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems trading cards
Arrives: November (and also on e-Pack).
Box basics: One Gem-Balaya, Diamond Mine, Original Art Sketch or Diamond Cuts card per box (20 boxes per case via two inners)

What’s buzz-worthy: The next Marvel release from Upper Deck includes a small mix of potent cardboard focusing on the women of the Marvel Universe — some with diamonds embedded into the cards.

Keep reading for more as well as a gallery.

2016-marvel-gems-5The Basics:
 There will be five cards per box with a one-card Exquisite pack also in every box. There will be two base cards or one card from three parallel sets (all serial-numbered and some as low as 10 copies) with one premium insert, one Crystal Clear card and one of the guaranteed Gem-Balaya, Diamond Mine, Original Art Sketch or Diamond Cuts cards. According to the company, there will be as may as two sketch cards and one Diamond Mine card per inner case. … The Diamond cards come with gems inside with single, dual, triple and quad cards in the mix. These have Gold (/5) and 1/1 Black parallels, too. … Shadowbox cards also will be in the mix of inserts as well. … On the Exquisite front, there will be base cards with four tiers as rare as 30 copies along with nameplate cards and cards in the Emma Frost Collection that are on “diamond-like paper” as well as embedded diamonds on some. …The base set will consist of 60 cards numbered to 225 with

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