Five years later, Julio Jones finally signs autos for Panini America


After five years, he has signed.

Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones has signed his 2011 cards — Rookie Cards that were all issued as redemption cards a half-decade ago.

“The folks inside the Panini America Acquisitions department never lost hope,” read a statement on the company’s blog. “And they never gave up. They kept working the phones, and remained in frequent contact with the NFLPA and Jones’ representatives in hopes of one day landing that elusive ‘Yes’ that would lead to Jones signing the thousands of key cards that had been safely in his possession since he received them during his rookie season.”


That signing session took place last week after all these years and Panini America released the gallery of cards below that are now signed by the former University of Alabama star who has caught 418 passes for 6,267 yards and 35 touchdowns in that time.

The sets include 2011 Playbook, Plates & Patches, Prime Signatures, National Treasures, Limited and Contenders. All of those products can be found here.

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One thought on “Five years later, Julio Jones finally signs autos for Panini America

  1. Joel September 16, 2016 / 2:00 pm

    So does this mean I will finally get my Julio rookie auto?


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