Mad magazine’s take on “Casey at the Bat” to hit auction block

jack-davis-mad-artThe original art from an iconic story re-told in an iconic magazine will hit the auction block next month via Heritage Auctions.

It’s a six-page story from MAD magazine issue No. 6 and it’s Jack Davis‘ art re-telling “Casey at the Bat” in visual form.

“From the classic poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer,” the auction description reads, “the saga of the Mudville Nine and the mighty Casey are depicted in this story that was reprinted at least five times in other MAD publications. (Proving they were too cheap to pay for new material.) One of the finest stories ever produced by the Usual Gang of Idiots at America’s premier low-brow humor mag.”


There’s no estimate yet for how much this one will command at auction, but it’s among the top lots in Heritage’s “Masterpieces of Underground Art” auction that begins on Oct. 28 and finishes up on Nov. 18.

Davis is best known for his work for EC Comics, MAD, Cracked and many other publications and companies such as Topps before he was inducted to the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 2003.

You can see the whole story below and get more information on the auction here.

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