A box of 2016 Panini Infinity football cards could be yours via BlowoutTV


There’s a new look — and a new place to keep track of all that’s going on — with BlowoutTV and a box of the new 2016 Panini Infinity football cards is part of it if you check things out.

While the breaks are regularly happening over at breakers.tv/blowoutTV, there is a new section of the Blowout Cards Forum where you can see all of the breaks that are planned in advance. You can post your claimed spots there, pay up and stay tuned for when the break will take place. That new section — BlowoutTV with Matt — can be found here and has all the info you need to know along with the latest lineups for larger breaks.

So, how does the Infinity box come into play? Head on over to Twitter and follow @Matt_BlowoutTV — that’s where you’ll find up-to-the-minute updates on breaks as they happen as well as looks at the latest pulls you won’t see here on The Buzz. Once that account gets to 500 followers, the box of the new 2016 Panini Infinity football cards (they officially arrive tomorrow) will be given away to a random follower.

Follow Buzz on Twitter @BlowoutBuzz or send email to BlowoutBuzz@blowoutcards.com. 

>> Click here to buy football cards on BlowoutCards.com.

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