First Buzz: Decision 2016 Series 2


What: Decision 2016 Series 2 trading cards
Arrives: Oct. 21
logoBox basics: Two hits in every 30-card box (16 boxes per case via four inners).

What’s buzz-worthy: The drama of the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump returns to cardboard once again as a hobby-only release that includes a one-pack box and an autograph in every four-box inner case. The kicker? No more than 150 overall cases will be made.

Keep reading for more and a gallery of images from the product.

The Basics: 
New here will be sketch cards and booklet cards with both cut autographs and without (Party Pals). Balancing out the Trump Under Fire insert, which will have a new wave here, will be a Clinton Controversies insert. … Each box will include 16 high-number base cards, four Candidate Portraits, four Trump Under Fire, three Clinton Controversies, one Letter Card and two hits. … Among the hits are several types of cards with each one’s full-case ratio noted below:

Cut signature — four per (16-box) case.
Money card — two per case
Pieces of America — four per case
Super Flag — four per case
GBA Flag — eight per case
Elite — two per case
Gems — four per case
President Premium — two per case
Party Pals Booklet — one per case
Sketch card — one per case

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