Steiner Sports’ Don Larsen auction includes some real talkers


More than 300 items from the collection of New York Yankees great Don Larsen are on the auction block via Steiner Sports but they’re not all glorious tributes to the man who pitched a perfect game in the World Series.

Some include some real talk — like this letter to Larsen from former Kansas City Athletics General Manager Frank Lane.

Larsen, of course, went on to pitch into the 1967 season before retiring at age 37.

Also among the items up for auction are behind-the-scenes looks at the business side of the game from long ago — a number of contracts from Larsen’s career. Among them is the 1947 Globe-Miami contract (above) where he was guaranteed $150 a month and a $475 bonus for signing. He never played there, but he was so young that it’s contract also signed by his father.


Other items include serious memorabilia pieces owned by the long-time pitcher as well as oddball items such as his Japanese postage stamp collection, a set of Danbury Mint gold baseball cards, statues, photos and much, much more.

You can see all of the items here.

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